MOBISKIM Brake & Clutch Specialists was originally established in 1996 and is located in the Northern Suburb of Parow in the Western Cape. We offer a total auto mechanical service specialising in Brake and Clutch repairs and services to a wide group of clients such as Porsche, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, City of Cape Town, etc. In December 2014 the company was bought over from the original owners and a new private company was registered.

MOBISKIM specialise in skimming and resurfacing of brake discs and drums, as well as clutch pressure plates which are done on the premises or at your location using our mobile units.

Relining of brake shoes, brake bands and clutch plates is done through a process called ‘bonding’. Only oversize linings are used which can withstand the highest heat and rigorous demands within the transport industry.

The workshop rebuilds brake and clutch master cylinders, as well as clutch slave cylinders and wheel cylinders. We also supply and install new disc and drum brake pads, LUK clutch kits and brake and clutch master cylinders, clutch slave cylinders and wheel cylinders where necessary.

We manufacture (or source) all high pressure rubber and steel brake pipes, clutch cables, hand brake cables and bonnet cables according to sample. A full vehicle lubrication service is available which includes new points, air filter, oil filter, in-line fuel filter and oil change using only high quality oil.

Our commitment to quality and excellent workmanship, together with our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers is our priority.
Address: Unit 1, 5 Danie Uys Street, Stikland Industrial, 7530 | +27(0) 21 939 6107 | info@mobiskim.co.za